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weather has begun to thaw, many riders have to go biking activity bones and muscles, but the weather was warm, all kinds of insects also are starting to move, if ride let "Staphylinidae" climb up the body, and accidentally touched the fluid, will feel the skin is particularly hot seems to be on fire like uncomfortable! remember its appearance, it will be found in life often appear in its tracks. inconspicuous "Staphylinidae", body length of about 0.5 to 1.0 cm, much like the ants and termites, so often make people ignore its powerful! But summer outdoor activities of people, often unw cheap foamposites ittingly killed, enigmatic is the whole piece of inflamed, so also known as "summer night disfigured killer"! contamination of body fluid will cause inflammation where Paederus? Often or news said "be Paederus bite", in fact, is not correct, Paederus do not bite, so when they climbed up to the human body, and don't know how, but bugs crawling on the body, people will always be intuitive reaction it will be allocated to go, as long as one not careful pulverizes the body, contains an irritant substances "Staphylinidae)" humoral will on human skin irritation, as long as contact with 10 to Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 15 seconds, it will cause inflammation, contact will be felt a searing pain, skin blistering and ulceration. So softly to drive it open on the right. Kill it will cause severe inflammation. Therefore, people will be known as the "revenge bug! : length of about 0.5 cm to 1 cm, 0.2 cm wide, as easily as general termites. where there is a plant, there will be take such bugs no way, can do only to avoid it, Paederus mainly infested in each year from April to October and preferences perches in the paddy field, grass and woods, like before, they had spread, surrounded by fields Jia Yigao rai cheap jordan shoes for men l station, rove beetle infested, and had sent a, for preparing the soil in farmland, Paederus leads to habitat destruction, and massive flying, so if in outdoor meet farmland tillage, weeding, had better avoid away. Although the city is relatively less, but as long as there are parks, green spaces, there may be; so in the summer to people in the park, outdoor activities, are relatively easy to encounter Staphylinidae. In addition Staphylinidae and phototactic behavior. In the evening will fly to a place where there are lights, coupled with small body size, may through household doors an Retro jordans for sale d windows or screen, and sneaked into homes, so if neighborhood had Paederus appears, sleep at night to try to turn off the lights. farmland and woods are the most active area of Paederus, be careful of Paederus threat. reduces the body exposed part to save to prevent Paederus harm, in outdoor activities, only passively reduce exposed body parts, such as wearing long sleeved clothes and trousers; if the perceived bugs crawling on your body, do not use hand to dial, use only the blowing, or paper picked, to avoid dismembered the body. Usually at home is to turn off the yarn18 year old R cheap jordans for sale mens ussian rapper face (Ivan Driyomin) two months ago on their YouTube account released a song for song "gamma Liapunov, pgfla. The 6S in me by, kappa, souffl" (Gosha Rubchinskiy Russian font), has won 20 million super high click through rate. The song's lyrics to the Russian street culture has far-reaching influence Gosha expression of Rubchinskiy in high esteem. Lyrics to the effect: "look at me / the most fashionable trend / Gosha Rubchinskiy / this is my best friend." only in recent years of fame trend new Jin vane Gosha, in his home in Russia have been seems to is current leaders in th Cheap air jordan 12 ovo e hearts of a generation of young people. You might click on the video below to see Russia after 95 in the world of street culture. from the first exposure of the popular Tucao, to this week to bring Flyweave+ full palm ZoomAir configuration of the shock is taken to the threshing ground, again until tomorrow officially ushered in the market for sale, KD 8 is really affects a lot of sneakerhead eyes; but the characteristics of this pair of new works do you really have to understand? 1. from the beginning of the KD 5, KD series starting have been set in the summer, I believe that with low Cheap air jordans for sale help shape, KD 8 in the summer will have good prospects; however, 8 will be held tomorrow debut of KD, the starting color but not early repeated exposure to the KD 8 "bright crimson", but to celebrate the upcoming independence day in the United States the KD 8 "USA" color. Designer 2. conception KD 8, fully to Durant right leg of a Saber Toothed Tiger Tattoo inspired and the new heel radian design to be present in, underlines the Durant stadium to kill the essence. 3. combined with Durant's style of play, brand in KD 8 abandoned before KD 7 before and after the partition type slow seis cheap jordans online mic layout, restored the full palm visibility ZoomAir slow shake of the application, and on the basis of before and after palm groove type design, more perfect adaptation to the feet in the movement of mobile. Structural support 4. about Flyweave. At first the first application in the air jordan XX9 and cj3 trainer, many people may mistakenly think that that's Kobe 9 elite flyknit. And in fact, in aerospace engineering fabric can provide stronger as the inspiration for the design of Flyweave. 5.KD 8 unprecedented using Flyweave vamp material and whole palm ZoomAir cushioning combination Retro jordans for sale , of course more innovative applications also represent shoes will have a higher price, compared with KD 7, KD 8 of the official price from the previous 1199 yuan increase to the 1299 yuan. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: sneakernewsJordan Melo M8 Advance tushang 2013-12-08 cheap jordans for sale 22:43:28 earlier been exposed to Jordan Melo M8 Advance Knicks color pictures, Jordan Melo M8 Advance as an upgraded version of the Jordan Melo M8, without continued use of Flywire in the upper Hyperfuse use of technology instead of using science and technology. This and bright metallic silver / black / green color loose Jordan Melo M8 Advance believe attracted the attention of many friends, like friends can continue to look at. Air Jordan 4 "Snakeskin" spy photos released 2015-09-08 10:57:31 Today, the network has brought us a pair of new color of the Air Jordan 4, with snakeskin shoes whole grain leather build, details the use of a copper material composition. If the shoe does not last the subject of maps, I believe many people will think that the shoe is the manufacturer of personal worth, but even the official produced, such as color and design, surely difficult to win everyone's heart, not to mention cause sensation. & nbsp; New Balance 576 OG 25 anniversary of the shoes New Balance 2013-12-08 22:56:25 This year is the 25th anniversary of its retro model 576, New Balance also recently launched a New Balance 576 OG 25 ?? old version. The anniversary edition contains two different color, using the New Balance classic color gray and navy blue build, and yellow make do with the old ENCAP midsole. The body of the shoe leather material to build places N flag. It is reported that each will be limited to 600 pairs of shoes, a blue version already on sale, while the gray version will over time in order to see it. Today, the Hawks and Cavs played very anxious, James first section 8 0 vote, fortunately teammate relatively stable, with Shumpert and Smith's three-pointer has been biting the score, the last paragraph of Section Since Horford deliberately fell ????????? body was blown foul, sent off directly, then by virtue of the knight has a slim lead into the second half of the fourth quarter, a record pointers Beizemoer to help the Hawks the lead, followed by Smith to tie the game, but Teague in joint time 4-point shot, as if to let the team see the hope, the Cavaliers before the end of the game barely tie the game, not in Teague buzzer, the two sides into extra time game, playing in the final stage by James hit a record board to seal the victory, but the Cavaliers also got the match point, below we bring today's shoes battlefield.